Carers wanted!

If you love working with people and are looking for a career that gives back to your community, connects with an incredible diversity of clients and leaves you with a smile at the end of every day - we would love to talk! TLC Support WA welcomes applications for carers from all over Southwest and Kalgoorlie. Successful applicants will go into a portfolio of carers, who will be considered on a needs basis as opportunities arise. If you are interested, contact Tiani for more information or fill in our Carer Application Form below.

Working together

TLC Support WA; Working together

TLC Support WA matches care staff to clients based on individualised needs, experience, specialty training and personal preference of the families to ensure a longstanding, successful relationship between staff and clients. All carer applications go into a portfolio from which families seeking care staff can draw, guided by TLC Support WA. As a potential carer (employee), you will receive a call when a suitable opportunity arises. You will then be asked to interview with the client and family, who ultimately have the final say before we take the next step. From here, you will receive additional training required for the specific client’s needs and will spend some time with the client and TLC staff to ensure everyone is comfortable with the match. Once a roster has been created, you will communicate directly with the client and family to manage day-to-day issues, with TLC Support WA there to guide the process and help troubleshoot any problems along the way. All compliance for ATO, NDIS and Fair Work matters are taken care of by TLC Support WA staff. Our job is to take the stress out of HR responsibilities so you and the family can focus on offering the best possible care practice to the client and fostering a friendly, nurturing, stable relationship. If and when required, we offer online training to all staff in courses including NDS individual training (Disability Induction, Support Decision Making, and Disability Safe eLearning), as well as NDS Workforce Essentials (Professional Boundaries, PPE and Manual Handling). Current Senior First Aid and CPR certification is expected as well, however this can be arranged on employment.

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