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TLC Support WA is committed to helping your family find and easily manage the right care for your loved one living with disability. Our personal, friendly and honest approach ensures you are looked after every step of the way as we work together to reduce stress and overwhelm that too often comes with navigating the disability support system. We understand the many challenges families face around disability care, including added medical and therapy costs, negotiating appointments, attending to personal care and dealing with day-to-day obstacles. However, having the right support systems in place can be life-changing, offering confidence and independence for daily activities, as well as choice and control over your family’s unique circumstances. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to make your life easier.

How we can help

TLC Support WA; We take care of business
We take care of business

Finding and hiring care staff can be a complex process, as essentially you are running a home business. TLC Support WA will help you find, employ and manage staff, including dealing with issues such as contracts and payments.

TLC Support WA; NDIS, WHS and ATO

There is no need to battle your way through the complex and ever-changing rules and regulations associated with disability services in Australia; TLC Support WA is here to untangle the mess and ensure compliance for you.

TLC Support WA; Personal, friendly, honest
Personal, friendly, honest

Our small, tight-knit team is committed to getting to know your family, taking the time to find out exactly what you need and how we can best help. Our tailored, client-centred approach takes care of the stress of managing care in your home.

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“TLC Support WA help with the employment of workers and assist in making sure they are up to date with things to help Jade get the best from them.

Helped set up a Team Coordinator to be able to take care of the day to day duties of what is done through the days and document them so as we are able to give a monthly rundown on what Jade is doing in her life and what is working and what isn’t, how we can do better and what we need to help Jade reach her goals.

Helps to find the right people that jade needs for her therapies for better quality of life.

Constantly looking for better things to offer for Jade.

Administration support, keeping track of invoicing, contacting other supports to ensure billing is correct, researching activities, therapies to support Jade. Making sure NDIS guidelines are being met with all services.

Takes so much pressure of what I have to do with all the things we have to organise to help Jade reach her goals and to have quality of life.

Would find things really hard without TLC Support WA”

TLC Support WA has also assisted in the application for a wheelchair friendly vehicle through Wheels for Hope, Jade has been approved for this and is now next in line for a vehicle. TLC Support WA fund the hire cost of the vehicle. 

Jenny Lockyer
At the time Tiani became part of our son’s crew I was rather overwhelmed with all that I needed to do, along with adjusting to having our son home full time. Having Tiani take on the role of overseeing the paperwork and all that was involved in employing Support Workers, gave me the time to focus on what was most important, which is ensuring our sons’ needs are being met, while continuing to upskill our Workers where possible. It allowed me to grow as a person and to discover how to develop greater opportunities within our community and while at home for our young man to become the best version of himself that he can be, when there have been so many restrictions to consider with Covid. Tiani’s guidance with this has been of great value and we thank her for being a part of our families support network and enabling us to develop foundations that we continue to build on today.

I am a parent of a daughter who was late diagnosed in complex needs and a son of
additional needs. I also juggle single parenthood with a professional career. As an
informed family, and after trying other methods of support for several years, we decided
to work with TLC Support. To date, TLC Support has delivered on every aspect that it
has promised and have been respectful, friendly, open, and transparent with every
interaction. My daughter and I trust this company to provide quality support and guide us
towards the best possible options while, most importantly, safeguarding her best

I have no hesitation in recommending that people consider how TLC Support can fit your
individual situation and needs.


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Contact us to book a time to discuss your family situation, care needs, and unique support requirements. We are available via phone on 0410 969 444.

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Through our discovery process, we create your plan to include specific care and therapy needs, funding applications, and overall improvements to your family's quality of life.

Action your service

Once your plan is in place, it is time to pull it all together! We help you every step of the way, including ongoing management of business and financial issues, and updating the plan as needs evolve.

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About TLC Support WA

About TLC Support WA - Careers and Clients enjoying a day out

As a small owner-operated company based in regional Western Australia, TLC Support WA is committed to understanding unique client needs and offering exceptional service to better the lives of people living with disability and their families. One of the major challenges in navigating disability services in Australia - and finding then hiring suitable care staff - is the vast amounts of legislative hoops to jump through, including compliance with the ATO, NDIS, Work Health & Safety and the Fair Work Commission. TLC Support WA is here to ensure your family is protected when dealing with all staffing and HR matters. We understand the difficulties in keeping up with ever-changing disability legislation, employing a disability support worker as a home business, the hidden costs (both financial and personal), the loss of choice and control often experienced by clients and families, as well as the toll of having a stream of strangers through the house. It is our mission to take the stress and frustration out of cumbersome and confusing paperwork, so you are free to enjoy life together in a safe and supported environment. We take on just a few new clients each year so every family receives the care and attention they need. Through our unique discovery process, we take the time to get to know you, then develop customised ways to assist you in securing and managing disability support services, including NDIS home care, exactly as you require. TLC Support WA is backed by years of experience in disability services, as well as expert agencies including Employsure, Quigley Caledonian Insurance Agency and Mani Business Services. To find out more about our services, contact Tiani on 0410 969 444.

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TLC Support WA ethos

TLC Support WA ethos - Giving back to our clients
Giving back to our clients

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional customised disability support, TLC regularly donates additional goods and services to clients to further enhance their quality of life. We invest up to $15,000 per year into much-needed items such as equipment, home modifications and allowances to help clients and their families. Our clients are more than a business arrangement - we truly care and go out of our way to offer the personal, honest, reliable service you deserve.

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Our beginnings

Our beginnings - a client communicating with the birds

TLC Support WA was founded by mum and former education support assistant, Tiani Lange. After gaining experience working within schools, Tiani moved into teaching at-risk youth, before honing her business skills as owner of a tree-lopping company. Tiani also built a successful cleaning business which employed a suite of staff. Her interest in returning to the disability services sector was sparked when a friend needed help working through the newly-introduced NDIS scheme. Tiani recognised the stress this placed on families and carers, and set about researching and understanding the industry to support her friend. From there, word of mouth spread regarding Tiani’s knack for untangling the legislative nightmare that NDIS placed on families, and simplifying the business side of disability care to ensure quality services for loved ones in need. As of 2022, TLC Support WA employed 25 staff across the South West, Perth and Kalgoorlie regions, and continues to grow as a premier provider of personal, friendly and honest disability support services in the state.


Pricing starts below NDIS capped rates, however costs very depending on services. Our staff can help you apply for and manage disability funding so you are not out of pocket. Contact us for a personalised quote for services.

We are committed to helping any family who supports someone living with disability, both self- and plan-managed. TLC Support WA provides customised support plans, and can also assist those looking to access NDIS by guiding you through the eligibility criteria and application process.

TLC Support WA offers a unique discovery process where we get to know your individual needs. From there, we create a customised plan and guide you through managing all required supports to improve the quality of life for both the client and family. In addition, we love to give back to our valued clients by offering donations of goods and services to ensure all support needs are met.